Check the Oil FAQ
What versions of iOS are supported?
Check the OIl will run on iOS 5.0 or later.
Does Check the Oil run on the iPad?
Check the Oil will run in "Phone Mode" on the iPad. It has been tested on iPads, but it does not currently have a specific UI for the iPad.
How do I use other fuel unit types (km/100L)?
The default vehicle for Check the Oil is set up for US MPG. If you want to use other units, you'll have to create a new vehicle. Go to Settings > Manage Vehicles > Add Vehicle (the plus button). You can choose your fuel units when you create the new vehicle.
The mileage for calculations seems off to me. How do I fix it?
Reminder calculations using mileage are based on the vehilce's annual mileage. The default value is 13,000. Simply go to Edit Vehicle and change the mileage to a value closer to your annual miles.
NOTE: Adjusting your annual mileage is especially important if you are using kilometers for your fuel units. If you are, set your annual mileage to something closer to your annual kilometers (ex. 13,000 miles ~ 21,000 km).
How do I enable the app to use my location?
The first time you add a service record, the application will ask you if it can use your location data. If you decline the first time, then you have to manually enable it later.
To enable FillerUp to use your location, do the following:
  • iOS 5
    • Click on the Location Services option at the top of Settings screen.
  • iOS 6.x or later
    • Click on the Privacy option.
    • Inside the Privacy screen, click on the Location Services option. It should the first item.
  • Inside the Location Services screen, you can turn Location Services on or off for all applications.
  • To turn location services on or off for FillerUp, scroll down the list of applications until you find the FillerUp icon and name in the list. Flip the switch to on or off.
How do I import data into the application?
Currently, you cannot import data into the application. It is being considered for a future release.
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